Rock bolt support is one of the most popular and cost-effective support solutions

During the construction of building,rock bolt support is one of the most popular and cost-effective support solutions. Installation is
simple and rarely disrupts facility operations.Sinorock acts as a strong partner and manufacturing rock bolt support company for the mining, tunneling,slope stabilization and foundation support industry, devoted to provide the best products and services to its customers including design, development, production and galvanization with on demand construction installation services and maintenance options.Sinorock takes great pride in making your soil nails buying simple and fast.Security of supply is delivered to our customers through a strong portfolio of manufacturing and distribution assets strategically located across the world.

Sinorock’s value of No Accidents Today underpins our commitment to the safety, health and wellbeing of our people and customers, the
environment, and the communities in which we operate.Sinorock puts its name on the rock bolts manufacturing.A trustworthy brand also provides exemplary customer service. You should expect unrelenting support throughout every stage and facet of the project.

Sinorock has firmly established its position as the “World Leader in anchor bolt system Technology”

In recent years, as the demand of the engineering projects supporting operations and development,anchor bolt became the main material requirements.With the common application of anchor bolt,anchor bolt suppliers and manufacturers also have occurred.
And the awarencess of quality is increasing,Sinorock is the best bolt manufacturer at the quality control,why Sinorock put the qualiy on the first,because quality is the life and soul of an enterprise.
As the leading self drilling anchor bolt manufacturer,Sinorock focus on your requirements because the end result is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we add value every step of the way whilst remaining on time and within budget.
Through our continuing research and development, advanced manufacturing capability and worldwide network of sales and service locations, Sinorock has firmly established its position as the “World Leader in anchor bolt system Technology”.
Sinorock is a project-oriented company that makes small and medium quantities of custom anchor bolts when required. We produce a complete line of specialty anchor bolts for hostile environments and critical applications. These products are fully certified to customer requirements. We are a high intensity manufacturer.
Quality is our chief concern in how we do things and in particular the most important characteristic of our products. Actively promoting quality awareness and transparency is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. We especially set great value upon establishing and maintaining good customer relationships. By demanding and appreciating our products and services of consistently high quality, it is our customers who ensure our continued market presence and growth.

Self drilling rock anchor is utilized for efficient performance

Rock anchors and soil nails are soil mass retaining devices constructed to transmitting an applied tensile load to a load bearing stratum.
Anchors and nails are normally prestressed, composed of steel bars that are introduced into a small diameter predrilled hole of limited diameter and covered with borehole grout.

To accomplish complex drilling tasks like tunneling,grouting or slope stablization,self drilling rock anchor is utilized for efficient performance.Our production of self drilling rock anchor has increased progressively to cover the national markets due to the competitiveness level reached by our company after both the metal treatment technology innovation and the experience made in the field during these past years.

Through our continued research into new and innovative technologies,anchor has been able to develop products designed for the specific applications of our customers. In turn, this has helped our customers cut costs through reduced installation time and increased manufacturing efficiency. We operate strictly in compliance with the ISO9001 quality management system, our products have passed ISO9001,CE certification.Due to reliable products and competitive price, we’ve established a long term business relationship with many clients all over the world.

The Sinorock hollow anchor bolt employs the fully threaded Hollow Bar

The Sinorock hollow anchor bolt employs the fully threaded Hollow Bar. The Hollow Bar is cold rolled to form standard rope thread. The rolling process refines the grain structure of the steel, increasing the yield strength and producing a robust hollow bar acting as both drill rod and grouting tube during installation. The formed standard rope thread allows the length of the Hollow Bar to be extended by couplers, giving the Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt more flexible in transportation and installation than the regular rock bolts.

Sinorock self drilling hollow anchor bolt system have become an important tool for the geotechnical engineer. Their safe and reliable use in both permanent and temporary applications is accepted throughout the world.

The self-drilling hollow anchor bolt system facilitates your work to a great extent, as it is capable of performing drilling, anchoring and injecting procedures all at once. The self-drilling anchor bolt has a hollow interior, a threaded exterior and a drill bit that is used for drilling. The hollow interior of the self-drilling anchor bolt allows air and water freely pass through the drilling process, flushing the particles. It also facilitates immediate injection following completion of the drilling process. Self-drilling anchor bolts present a unique bolting solution for fractured or hard rock formations as well as unstable ground conditions (such as gravel, soft, clayey and non-homogeneous soil).

Sinorock is an international market-oriented enterprise specialized in self drilling rock bolt

Sinorock is an international market-oriented enterprise specialized in manufacturing, supplying and services of self drilling rock bolt products. Owning two factories and working in close collaboration with other two strategic cooperative partners, we offer a full range of self drilling rock bolt products. Such products are widely used in mining, quarrying, well drilling and construction. All of them are compatible with other world leading brands such as Atlas Copco, Sandvik and Boart Longyear.

The Self drilling anchor system is comprised of a hollow threaded anchor bar with a sacrificial drill bit that performs drilling, anchoring and grouting in a single operation. Self drilling anchor system is mainly used in slope stabilization, tunneling pre-support, foundations with micro piles etc jobs, which is widely used in mining, tunneling, railway, metro construction etc projects.

Whatever your standard, custom, or specialty fastener needs, we are able to respond quickly and positively with products that meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality! So if you’re looking for a rock anchor company where service makes the difference, just fax your requirements to us!

Micropiles are drilled and grouted friction piles that consists of steel elements

What are micropiles? Micropiles, also known as minipiles, are a small diameter pier that measures 60 to 200 mm. They are drilled and grouted friction piles that consists of steel elements. Each pile is bonded into the soil or rock to create stable foundations for a variety of projects, including bridges and highways. Micropiles are also useful for hard to access areas. Micropiles can be installed through any type of soil condition, including rock, cobblestone and sand. This can be achieved through drilling, jacking or screwing machinery.
Micropiles offer many advantages over other deep foundation methods on the market. The use of micropiles has increased over the years because they offer unlimited benefits. Some advantages of micropiles include:

Quick installation
Little to no disruption to the work area
Used for new construction or retrofit projects for deep foundations
Supports and stabilizes the foundation
Installed in restricted or low headroom areas
Installed in all types of soil conditions
Corrosion resistant
Minimizes foundation sinking and settling
Uses foundation equipment smaller than other systems to access limited areas
Don’t require end-bearing capacity

If you are looking for a company that has your best interests in mind, you have come to the right place. We always meet local building codes and work with our customers at every stage, including the preliminary design stages. Our team has a wealth of technical foundation repair information that we are happy to share with customers to put your mind at ease and to decide what the best option is for your new building. Our civil engineers have the knowledge and professional experience to design the structure just the way you want it. We also work hard to give you affordable options and to save you both time and money.

Sinorock Manufacturing is an industry leader in self drilling anchor bolt

Sinorock Manufacturing is an industry leader in self drilling anchor bolt.

Self drilling hollow anchor bar is a prestressed anchor which completes with drilling, grouting and anchoring in one time,the maximum tensile force is up to 1950KN.It was adapted to the geological area including poor geological conditions,hole collapse seriously, anchoring difficult after the completion of the drilling.Adapting to deep excavation, foundation reinforcement, slope reinforcement and reinforcement of existing buildings and reinforcement works, it is an economic, safe and efficient rock reinforcement technology.

Compared with conventional bolts,the Self drilling hollow anchor bar has the following advantages:
1.Applicable to all types of soil, especially in the silty soil and sandy soil that are difficult construction by conventional technology;
2.Bolt length is not restricted, due to the existing limit of anchor materials and drilling equipment, conventional bolt length is 12-15m, but self drilling anchor bar due to drilling resistance, drilling depth can be much bigger;
3.Suitable for narrow space construction, the drill bolt joint rod body length can be according to the need to increase or decrease, the general 1.00m-1.75m, lengthen using joint between rod body; using the joint between the rod freely extended;
4.Simple process. The drilling, grouting, anchoring drilling completed in a disposable self-drilling anchors, simplify the process, speed up the construction speed;
5.Conducive to stability of hole wall, while drill drilling supply water/cement ratio of 0.4-0.5 neat cement grout to make it quickly absorbed by the wall layer curing, ensure the hole wall stability.

Self drilling rock anchor is applied in complicated geological conditions for rock support work

Sinorock always committed to supply low cost,high effiency,energy saving amd environment-friendly self drilling bolt products for global customers,we are confident for new challenges of future development and we are keeping improve our quality and service as
well as management for better serving our customers and payback to the society.

Generally,as an practical and reliable placing solution,self drilling rock anchor has been extensively applied in the mining,tunneling,foundation support,hydroelectric project and roadway support project and so on,with so many years of exploration and development,the techniques of the installation of self drilling anchor has became skillful and been trusted by our customers around the world.
Grouting is a so critical element to provide strong strength and bonding stress for surrouding rocks,with the whole wrapped of grout,the self drilling anchor can make a perfect effect on the operation of various civil constructions.

The facilitate of self drilling rock anchor is so easy that it’s the key elements for our agents to choose our anchoring products.We allows customization of self drilling anchor,so the length of rod body can be cut and connected as our customer’s specific requirements.
Sinorock self drilling anchor system is a reliable and convenient anchoring system which is applied in complicated geological conditions for rock support work. It is particularly applied in the following geological conditions, such as weathered rock, gravel layer, backfill, hard conglomerate, etc. It is widely used in tunneling, mine, slope stabilization and foundation support.

Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt systems effectively improve the stability of underground rock masses

The necessity for self drilling anchor bolt is increasing in today’s world. They are used in everything that you can imagine.The amount of anchor bolts that is in use each day is a gigantic number and the thought of one company manufacturing all of these rock bolts is an impossibility. Sinorock for underground construction and is recognized as an industry authority in these fields.Now Sinorock is a popular self drilling anchor bolt in the world.

Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt systems effectively improve the stability of underground rock masses. The increased load bearing capacity of the rock conditions enables an early construction start, thus providing both technical and economic advantages.

An above-average team of engineers will be available to answer questions and inform every decision throughout the project.Sinorock is very pleasure for introducing it as the professional self drilling anchor maufacturer.At Sinorock, we’re extremely flexible; customers around the world rely on our versatility. Our ability to quickly adapt to market conditions makes Sinorock supplies quality self drilling anchor bolt syetems which are made by her manafacture base in China,who is a certified factory according to ISO9001:2008 to our global clents with a competive price. Products are also with CE certification.Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Sinorock® serves the construction industry by offering self drilling anchor bolt solutions

Sinorock® serves the construction industry by offering self drilling anchor bolt solutions that improve building integrity and ensure strength and performance under the most demanding conditions.

Sinorock is known for its huge selection and competitive pricing of quality self drilling anchor systems for industrial & construction jobsite supply.Sinorock offers one of the most complete line of construction self drilling anchor bolt and tools available in the marketplace today. Self-Drilling hollow anchor bar eliminate separate drilling and tapping operations for faster, more economical installations. Contractors in a wide variety of industries rely on Sinorock for quick solutions to all their self drilling anchor bolt needs in residential & commercial construction markets.

Simply put, Sinorock is intent on supplying our customers with the best product, combined with quality service and competitive pricing. We promise that we will try to ensure that our customers have a satisfying and productive experience every time they call our sales office or visit one of our websites.

If you have a custom need, can’t find a product, or are facing a difficult problem in the field, we’d love to know about it and do our best to help. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you at once.